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Meet Greg Popplewell

Popplewell Composites was founded by Greg Popplewell in 2007 as a tropical beef seed-stock company with the goal of breeding genetics that improved their bull customers’ profitability. The breeding program was started by assembling proven performance genetics from foundation lines of Adapted Bos Taurus, Angus type and Bos Indicus, with a focus on naturally polled genetics. Over a decade of genomic evaluated performance recording and objective selection has now been applied to make the herd the world leading genetic resource for Tropical Composites. 

The Popplewell composite breeding program is a combination of the life work of industry leader Greg, who has worked with world leaders in the genetics field to build this program. It links leading edge technology and science into its breeding program to deliver bulls which adapt well to climatic variations for more profit. With over 10 years of breeding they are already they are exceeding their expectations and their clients’ are reaping huge results.

Greg Popplewell has many years of experience in the Northern Australian beef cattle industry and managing genetics companies. He has been involved in the development of some of the most innovative and successful red meat breeding programs in Australia. Greg also holds a Bachelor degree in Agriculture and a Master’s degree in Animal Breeding Management.

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